Gardens Paradise

In a word. Outstanding! However, if need be, I believe that I can also cover Rhonda Rae’s activities, etc., adequately enough by utilizing 100 or so adjective describing them Rhonda handle a myriad of significant details that basically we had overlooked, i.e., the weekly upkeep, and maintenance  of the landscaping, and of the interior. The staging of the interior. Insuring that all fees, and taxes were as they should be. She oversee the correction of the insidious list of minor issues identified by the house Inspection! How could we live with them? But we did. Rhonda reduce the list from nice to have, to needed to have! And contracted, as necessary, local tradesman to correct the “needed to have” items cleared, Her responsiveness, her knowledge of the local Real Estate market, etc., led us to the finish line! The closing! Thank you, Rhonda Rae!